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Day, Charles Frederick (I1014)
Day, Fletcher Charles (I3399)
3 Plot: A47 Jones, William Huston (I12569)
4 Plot: A47 Newman, Vera Lee (I12567)
5 Plot: Block 26 Lot 23 Evanson, Ida Geline (I12022)
6 Plot: JJ, 0, 39 Cook, Stella Moore (I14051)
7 Plot: Sec. U, Row 2, Sp. 119 Bemiss, Anthony Lee (I15928)
8 Plot: Section D Miles, Andrew Aaron (I10906)
9 Plot: Section D, Blk 2, Lot 18, Grave E Graves, Leona Alda (I12180)
10 Plot: West Mausoleum Randall, Louise (I1705)
11 Zoar EUB Church Cemetery Flock, Elizabeth (I5514)
12 Zoar EUB Church Cemetery McCoy, Joseph P (I9655)
13 "Adams County Marriages". Listing.

These pages are contributed material made available for assistance in researching marriages which may have occurred in Adams County for the period 1789 through 1850. Information found on these marriage records pages should be used as reference points only. Always verify any data found here with the original marriage records, located in the Probate Court Office at the Adams County Courthouse. [NB: Many records burned in the 1910 courthouse fire and may no longer be extant.] 
Source (S571)
14 "Alabama, County Marriages, 1809-1950". Scanned Images of Original Records. FamilySearch. Source (S874)
15 "Arkansas, County Marriages, 1837-1957". Scanned Images of Actual County Records. FamilySearch. Source (S604)
16 "California, County Birth and Death Records, 1800-1994". Online Records. FamilySearch. Source (S1189)
17 "California, County Marriages, 1850-1953". Name Index of Marriage Records including Documents. FamilySearch. Source (S722)
18 "California, San Francisco County Records, 1824-1997". Online Digital Images. FamilySearch. Source (S1179)
19 "Carroll County, Kentucky Marriages, 1838-1920". Index of Carroll County, Kentucky Marriages.

Samland, Peggy. Carroll County, Kentucky Marriages, 1838-1920 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2000. 
Source (S869)
20 "Case Files of Approved Pension Applications of Widows and Other Dependents of Civil War Veterans, ca. 1861 - ca. 1910". Database and images. The National Archives. Source (S538)
21 "Choctaw County Oklahoma 1909 Marriages by Groom". Transcribed database along with original images. Choctaw County Oklahoma Genealogy. Source (S603)
22 "Chronicling America-Historic American Newspapers". Scanned Newspaper Images. Library of Congress. Source (S696)
23 "Civil War Service Index - Union - Ohio". Database and images. The National Archives. : 2011. Source (S681)
24 "Colorado Statewide Marriage Index, 1853-2006". Images. FamilySearch. Source (S277)
25 "Compiled Service Records of Soldiers Who Served in the American Army During the Revolutionary War". Database and images. The National Archives.

Compiled Service Records of Soldiers Who Served in the American Army During the Revolutionary War, compiled 1894 - ca. 1912, documenting the period 1775 - 1784 
Source (S973)
26 "Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers Who Served in Organizations from the State of Kentucky". Database and images. The National Archives. Source (S761)
27 "Dodd Funeral Home Paris Crossing, Indiana". Listing of Funerals. InGenWebProject (Jennings County, Indiana).

Dodd Funeral Home was established at Paris Crossing, Jennings County, Indiana, in 1890 by George Washington Dodd and M. J. Tobias. George W. Dodd became the sole owner in 1891.

Eldo Dodd and his wife, Cora (Deputy) Dodd took over the business after the death of Eldo's father, George W. Dodd, March 3, 1924.

Cemeteries in this record are in Jennings and Jefferson Counties, Indiana. Some other cemeteries are mentioned as well. Book is from 1891 to 1917 
Source (S578)
28 "Final Payment Vouchers Index for Military Pensions, 1818-1864". Database and images. The National Archives.

Content Source:The National Archives Publication Title: Index to Selected Final Payment Vouchers, 1818-1864
Content Source: NARA
Content Partner: NARA
National Archives Catalog ID: 2733385
National Archives Catalog Title: Index to Final Pension Payment Vouchers, compiled 1818 - 1864
Record Group: 217
Fold3 Publication Year: 2010
Fold3 Job: 10-001
Language: English
Country: United States
Short Description: These slips serve as an index to final and last payments to over 65,000 veterans of the Revolutionary War and some later wars. 
Source (S491)
29 "Florida Marriages, 1830-1993". Name index and images to Florida marriage records. FamilySearch. Source (S781)
30 "Genealogy and Family History". Family Histories. Bill Putnam. Bill Putnam's Home Page. Source (S478)
31 "Germany Births and Baptisms, 1558-1898". Insdex to selected Germany births and baptisms. FamilySearch. Source (S686)
32 "Germany, Baden, Church Book Duplicates, 1800-1870". Civil copies of church books for Baden, Germany. FamilySearch. Source (S688)
33 "Hills of Wilkes Co GA", p. 230-231, John Pope in his will dated 1 Feb 1748 lists son John, son William, daughter Elizabeth, daughter Mary Darden, grandson John, son of William, daughter Else Mosley, grandson Henry Darden, daughter Sarah Barnes (wife of Edward Barnes of NC). Pope, John (I385)
34 "Hills of Wilkes Co, GA" p 235: John Pope Justice of the Peace for and within Edgecombe precinct Chowan Co, May 16, 1732; was a Church Warden for Bertie Co prior to 1740; was added to list of juryment for Bertie and Edgecombe 25 Feby. 1739-40; member of the General Assembly from edgecombe 15 mar 1742, 22 July, 1743, 24 Feby, 1743-4, 15 Nov, 1744, 9 April 1745. On 9 April 1745, Mr. James Castellaw reported to the General Assembly (House of Burgesses) that John Pope, one of the members from Edgecombe was dead. Report was also made by William Wilson, member from Newberne, that Mr. John Pope, member from Edgecombe, is dead. (C.R.N.C. Vol 4, p. 744) Land sold by John and wife, Mourning: 1729--200 A lying on S side of Moratuck River and on N side of Elk Marsh Swamp, patented by John Pope 24 July 1728. 19 Aug, 1741--200 A. to John Pope (his son?) on N side of Fishing Creek. 18 Aug, 1741--200 A on N side of Fishing Creek to Aaron Etheridge 10 Jan 1734, John Pope, Gentleman, of Edgecombe Co NC deed to Willliam Kinchen 200 A on N side of Meuse river at head of Horse Creed, Craven Co NC. Pope, John (I1359)
35 "Hills of Wilkes County, GA" -- Will of Henry Pope, Will Book 3, p. 127, Isle of Wight, VA: I, Henry Pope being at present weak in body, but perfect in sense and right in mind, calling to mind that it is once appointed for all men to dye, think fit to make this my last Will and Testament wherein I give and bequeath my Lands and other Estate which it has pleased Almighty God to bestow upon me in this World in manner and form as followeth: Item 1. I give unto my Son William Pope five shillings Current money he having had his part before. Item 2. I give unto my Son Henry Pope five shillings Current money he having had his part before. Deed of Gift, December 3rd, 1717. Item 3. I give unto my Son Richard Pope five shillings, he having had his part before (Deed of Gift, July 22nd, 1717.) Item 4. I give unto my Son Jacob Pope five shillings, he having had his part before. Item 5. I give unto my Son John Pope five shillings, he having had his part before. Item 6. I give unto my daughter, Mary Williams, One Cow and Calf, she having had her part before. Item 7. I give unto my daughter, Jane Brassole one Cow and Calf, she having had her part before. Item 8. I give unto my Son Joseph Pope my tract of land upon Black Creek to him and his heirs forever. Likewise two cows and one Young Heifer and one young mare of Two years old also two breeding sows and one year old Barrow also one old feather ed and covering belonging thereunto. Item 9. I give unto my Daughter Morning Pope my Tract of Land lying upon Meherrin river on the North side unto her and her heirs forever, also three Cows and calves and one three year old heifer and one four year old steer. Also one young mare of four years old, also one Bed and furniture which she has in her possession already, also one black leather trunk also one Entry of Land adjoining thereunto the said plantation. Item 10. I give unto my Son Thomas Pope my plantation on the south side of Murrattock river to him and his heirs forever. Also two cows and calves and two two year oldHeifers, also one young mare of two years old. Also one sow and piggs. Also one small gun. Also one feather bed which I have at Rone Oak and a Sheet and Rugg. Item 11. I give unto my Son Samuel Ppe my part of a tract of Land which I suppose to bee three hundred acres to him and his heirs forever which is taken up between us in his name and to be made over to him that is in my Son John Popes name pattented. Also two cows and calves and Two Heifers. Also one young mare. It is also my Will that if either my three younger sons die without Heir that the others may have all his part. Item 12. I give unto Mary Clother one Cow and Calf at her freedom from my wife. Item 13. I also leave unto my son John Pope my part of the stock of Cattle which is in his hands now provided he will pay his Tobacco that I am bound for and have in possession for my Cousin Edward and John Pope and if heshall refuse then to turn the cattle into my Estate. Item 14. I give and bequeath unto my well beloved wife, Sarah Pope all the rest of my estate both out Doors and in Doors to her behoof, and I appoint her and my son John Pope my whoe and sole Executrix and Executor to this my last Will and Testament performed whereunto I have set my hand and fixed my seal this 28th day of May 1728 Henry Pope Test: Epinctus Griffin, John Denson, Jr, Marblin Cluse, Recorded October 28, 1728 Pope, Henry (I1928)
36 "Hills of Wilkes County, Georgia", p. 225, in Barnaby McKinne, Jr's Will he names daughters, Patience and Mary; wife, Mary; Joseph Lane; brother William MacKennie; Barnaby Pope, son of John Pope; brother Robert MacKennie; and brother John McKennie; James Howell, Nathaniel Cooper; cousin John Lane. Will dated 17 October, 1736, Edgecomb Co, NC. McKinne, Barnaby Jr. (I3804)
37 "Hills of Wilkes County, Georgia", Vol 1, p 221, gives the Will of Michael: In the name of God Amen this 15th day of April in the year of our Lor, 1686 according to the computation of the Church of England, I Michael Mackquinney of the Western Branch within the County of the Isle of Wight planter being of perfect sense and memory praysed be God do, make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and for following, viz: First, I bequeath my Soul into the hands of Almighty God my maker, hoping that I through the meritorious death and passion of Jesus Christ my only Savior and Redeemer receive free pardon and forgiveness of all my sins and as for my body to be buried in Christian Burial at the discretion of my Executrix hereafter nominated. (1) Item. I give and bequeath unto my wife Elizabeth Mackquinney my plantation that I now live upon during her life and after her decease unto my young Son Barnaby Mackquinney. Running upon the South east of the Spring Branch belonging to my manor house to Cart path to the white oak lying by said path. (2) Item. I give unto my eldest son John Mackquinney all the rest of my land upon the north west side of the forest spring branch, always provided that he the aforesaid John doth settle and seat upon it, otherwise to redound to his Mother my wife Elizabeth Macquinney and she to dispose of the land as she shall think fit notwithstanding anything to the contrary. (3) Item. I give unto my Son Barnaby Mackquinney one feather bed. (4) Item. I do hereby constitute and ordain my wife Elizabeth Mackquinney to be my whole and sole Executrix of all the whole rest of my whole estate both moveable and immoveable by this my last Will and testament, revoking all other wills and testaments whatsoever in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the day and year above written. Michael Mackquinney (Seal) Witnesses: Robert Cooper, Mary Donel, Jeremiah Exum, John Moore. Proved in open court held for the Isle of Wight County August 9th, 1686 by the oath of Robert Cooper, Jeremiah Exum and John Moore to be the Will of Michael Mackquinney. John Pitt--C.O.C. Macquinney, Michael (I1556)
38 "Hills of Wilkes County, Georgia", Vol 1, p 224: Barnaby McKinne was a very large land owner. Besides what he inherited and much that he acquired by purchse, he received grants in Isle of Wight Co. aggregating 5448 acres of land for the transportation of 109 persons as shown by the records in the office of the Register of the Land Office Richmond, VA (Book 9, p. 472; Book 10, pp, 130, 147, 201, 222; William and Mary Quarterly, Vol XXVII, No. 1, July, 1918, p. 59, footnotes). He removed to Edgecombe Co NC about 1721 and settled near Caledonia (then a part of Chowan, later of Bertie, then Edgecombe), and became one of the most prominent, wealthy and influential men of the Old North State, with large land holdings in Bertie, Edgecombe, Northampton, and other counties. He was appointed a Justice by the Lords Proprietors July, 1722. A general Court for the Province was held at the Court House in Edenton, July 1722...Commissioner of the Peace, Bertie Precinct, April 19, 1724, and Oct. 31, 1724. p. 226, Codicil of Barnaby McKinnie, dated 3 December 1739 disposes of land he had willed to son, William, who is now deceased. McKinne, Barnaby Sr. (I2420)
39 "Illinois County Marriages, 1810-1940". Index of county marriages from microfilm. FamilySearch. Source (S667)
40 "Illinois Marriages, 1815-1935". Name index to Illinois Marriages from microfilm. FamilySearch. Source (S632)
41 "Illinois, Cook County Deaths, 1878-1939, 1955-1994". Name Index of Deaths Recorded at Cook County, Illinois. FamilySearch. Source (S671)
42 "Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldier Who Served in Organizations from the State of Pennsylvania". Online Images. fold3. Source (S229)
43 "Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers Who Served in Organizations from the State of Indiana". Database and images. The National Archives. Source (S499)
44 "Indiana Marriage, 1780-1992". Marriage Records. Source (S938)
45 "Indiana Marriages, 1811-2019". Images. FamilySearch. Source (S485)
46 "Iowa Marriages, 1809-1992". Index of records from Iowa Marraiges. FamilySearch. Source (S708)
47 "Iowa, County Births, 1880-1935". Index to the birth records created by the counties of Iowa. FamilySearch. Source (S675)
48 "Iowa, County Marriages, 1838-1934". Name Index for county marriages in Iowa. FamilySearch. Source (S674)
49 "Jessamine County Marriages". Online Database. Rootsweb. Source (S704)
50 "Kansas County Marriages, 1855-1911". Scanned Images of Marriage Registers and Records. FamilySearch. Source (S743)

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